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As a lifelong bike rider, Rachael knows the feeling of freedom that can only be experienced on two wheels. Cycling, and specifically mountain biking, has become her passion, and she is now an accredited MTB skills coach. She loves helping young and old, new and seasoned riders get better on their bikes, so they can experience even more fun and excitement.

Whether you are held back by injury or lack confidence in your ability and balance, Rachael can help you with all the key fundamentals to improve your skills on the mountain bike. By booking an off-the-bike (PHYSIO) or on-the-bike (COACHING) session with Rachael, you can learn the proper techniques and develop the confidence needed to tackle even the most challenging trails.

Rachael’s approach to mountain bike coaching focuses on ride fundamentals.

She understands that mastering these fundamentals is the key to improving your skills and increasing your enjoyment on the bike. Rachael’s coaching covers essential skills such as body position, braking, cornering, and balance. She also emphasises the importance of proper bike setup and equipment selection.

By working with Rach, you’ll learn how to ride with more efficiency, control, and confidence.

You’ll also gain a deeper appreciation for the sport and the thrill of pushing your limits on the trails. So, if you’re ready to take your mountain biking to the next level, book a session with Rachael today.

Improving your mountain bike skills through Ride Fundamentals is the key to unlocking even more fun and excitement on the trails. Rachael’s experience as an MTB skills coach can help you develop the proper techniques and confidence needed to tackle any trail. With her help, you can reach your potential and truly experience the thrill of mountain biking.

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